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Yonex was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of wooden products. Since 1957, starting with badminton racquets, we have been making steady progress as a sporting-goods manufacturer. Through the course of time, we have been growing through a series of challenges to develop products which exceeds consumers’ expectations. This has always been based on a ‟hands-on approach”, keeping close relationships with customers, with our corporate philosophy of “Contributing to the world through innovative technology and the highest quality products”.

Since I was appointed as the president, my aim has always remained the same - to pursue the “highest quality” and to achieve “World No.1”. All of us at Yonex need to think thoroughly, express our own opinions, put them into practice, and for the best of our daily activities. Each “No.1” effort should come together to create the products we provide with confidence and pride, making it possible for us to share the joy of sports with customers. This is what we have to do as Yonex, as a manufacturer.

Sports connect people beyond borders. To be there for all who love sports, we, as a manufacturer, will continue to work our hardest for the Road to World No. 1.

Yonex is a leading sporting goods manufacturer that has been responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs in tennis technology over the years. Founded in 1946, Yonex has grown to become one of the most respected brands in the sport, with its products being seen used by some of the greatest players in history. With a commitment to “contributing to the world through innovative technology and the highest quality product”, Yonex is undoubtedly one of the premier names when it comes to tennis equipment.

Yonex began life as a manufacturer of wooden products, but it was in 1957 when their focus shifted towards badminton racquets that they really started to make waves. It wasn't long before their creations were gaining popularity among fans of other sports, particularly tennis, as players around the world clamoured for access to Yonex's revolutionary designs. From oversized racquets and more aerodynamic frames to graphite shafts and reinforced fibreglass strings, Yonex was at the forefront of innovation for decades.

By integrating various materials such as titanium and carbon nanotubes into their racquet designs, Yonex quickly established itself as one of the go-to brands for advanced tennis technology. This trend continues today with new models like the EZONE DR 98 – which features an ultra-lightweight design – or their classic VCORE Duel G 120 which combines cutting edge engineering with a classic look and feel. With countless awards under their belt and new innovations being released regularly, Yonex remains at the top of their game when it comes to tennis accessories.

Over recent years, there have also been some exciting developments from Yonex outside of their core offerings too. Their series of shoes are popular among amateur players who require extra cushioning and support on court while professional athletes praise them for their lightweight construction and breathability features during long practice sessions. Furthermore they also produce clothing like polo shirts with sweat-wicking fabric designed to keep athletes cool even during intense matches or training sessions in hot climates.

Yonex's commitment to excellence is evident throughout all areas of their business and this has resulted in them gaining a loyal following within both amateur and professional circles alike over many years. From household names like Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova who have used Yonex equipment since early in their careers, right through to beginner level players just starting out – everyone can get something from what this iconic Japanese brand has to offer.

It's no wonder then that after almost 70 years since its inception that Yonex remains one of the most trusted names when it comes to providing superior performance on court no matter your skill level or playing style. The combination of modern manufacturing processes alongside continual research into new technologies ensure that each new product released by this brand helps push boundaries further than ever before; keeping them firmly established as a leader within tennis equipment industry worldwide