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About Babolat Brand

Founded in lyon, france 1875, babolat invented racket strings and is the oldest company specializing in racket sports. The Babolat "Double line" logo is easily identifiable (white, black or yellow on frames and black or red on strings). Babolat has built its reputation by offering products at the forefront of technology and by supplying equipment to generations of champions who have won the most prestigious competitions.

Today, Babolat can be found in more than 100 countries, 20,000 sporting goods stores and 20,000 partner clubs. Babolat offers a complete range of products for tennis and badminton players, with an offer to suit every style of play.

Babolat is a world-renowned French brand specializing in the production of tennis-related goods, most notably stringed racquets, apparel, and accessories. Founded by Pierre Babolat in 1875, the brand has been in continuous operation for over 140 years and is now a leading player in the global tennis market.

The company was initially established as a family business producing strings for rackets and other items of sports equipment. To this day, Babolat remains the only racket string manufacturer that produces strings exclusively out of natural gut. In 1994, after more than a century of producing strings, they released their first ever tennis racquet, introducing the iconic “Twin-Tube” technology which incorporated two tubes inside the racket head to improve vibration dampening. This technology was soon followed by other revolutionary innovations such as Cortex Technology (2003) which is designed to give players an improved feel for the ball and Dynamic String Pattern (2005), an adaptation of string pattern geometry which uses different thicknesses in each region for improved control over shots.

In recent years Babolat have gone from strength to strength and can now be found sponsoring some of the biggest names on court such as Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. Over time they’ve also extended their product range further with many additional accessories being introduced including shoes, bags, grips, dampeners and balls; all designed to enhance player performance while maintaining Babolat’s reputation for quality and innovation.

As much as today Babolat are known mostly for their expertise in racquet technology some may forget that they are still one of only two companies worldwide who produce natural gut strings – something which has become increasingly rare due to its laborious production process but still maintains its place amongst elite players looking for superior control or power when playing at an advanced level. All gut strings produced by Babolat are still made entirely by hand using traditional techniques which were developed by Pierre himself over 100 years ago.

In recent times we have seen more movement towards eco-friendly initiatives within sportswear with sustainable materials such as recycled nylon being used more widely within apparel manufacture; something which falls perfectly into alignment with what Babolat stand for as a brand when it comes to protecting the environment - something they have been doing since 2005 when they launched their environmental program “Reaching Green” with aims to reduce CO2 emissions from product transportation and packaging materials being used across their entire business model.

It’s clear that whatever new developments come along within tennis equipment technology or otherwise there will always be room for progress when it comes to improving sustainability standards; something which we can count on Babolat continuing to prioritize above all else long into the future as they look forward to their next 140 years of business operations – inspiring both amateur and professional players alike!