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Buy your badminton accessories online at Rackets Kingdom.

•Rackets Kingdom offers a variety of badminton accessories, including different types of grips.

• Full grips are designed to replace the standard grip on the racket and are typically made from Polyurethane.

• Overgrips are designed to be applied over the existing grip and becoming increasingly popular among more advanced players

• Towel grips, made from cotton, are absorbent and suited for players who sweat a lot.

The Different Types of Badminton Grips Available

Badminton is a great racket sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and levels of experience. One essential piece of equipment for playing badminton is the racket, and choosing the right grip for your racket can greatly affect your game. In this blog post, we will introduce the different types of badminton grips available and discuss their benefits so that you can make an informed decision about which grip is right for you.

standard grip:

The standard grip is the most basic type of grip and is typically made from polyurethane. This grip provides good all-around performance and is suitable for players of all levels.


An overgrip is a thin layer of material that is applied over the existing racket grip. Overgrips are becoming increasingly popular among more advanced players as they provide better control and feel. Overgrips are typically made from synthetic materials such as PU or silicone.

towel grip:

A towel grip is a thick layer of cotton material that is wrapped around the handle of the racket. Towel grips are absorbent and thus ideal for players who sweat a lot. They are also very

The first type of grip we will discuss is the full grip. Full grips are the most common type of grip used by badminton players and they offer a good balance of control and power. Full grips are also relatively easy to apply; simply wrap the grip around the bottom part of the racket handle until it overlaps itself, then secure it in place with tape

Next, we have overgrips. Overgrips are thin, lightweight grips that are applied on top of full grips (or other overgrips) to provide additional comfort and absorbency. They are especially useful for players who sweat a lot, as they help to keep the racket handle dry. Applying an overgrip is simple; just unravel it and wrap it around the top part of the racket handle until it overlaps itself, then secure it in place with tape

Finally, we have towel grips. Towel grips are made from absorbent material (usually terry cloth) and are used to further increase comfort and reduce slipping. They are also helpful for players who tend to sweat a lot. Applying a towel grip is similar to applying an overgrip; just unravel it and wrap it around the top part of the racket handle until it overlaps itself, then secure it in place with tape


In conclusion, there are three main types of badminton grips available: full grips, overgrips, and towel grips. Each type has its unique benefits that can help you improve your game. Experiment with different types of grips to find the one that works best for you and your playing style.

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